Coaching FAQ
What is coaching?

Internacional Coaching Federiation defines coaching as meeting with clients (coaches) in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.
 Therefore, a coach can be useful, if you want to improve any interpersonal skill, also when you want to improve your health or physical condition. The coach in fact doesn’t need to be an expert in the area that the coachee wants to improve because the coachee is considered  the best specialist, an expert on his life, who  knows which solution works best for him, but sometimes is not able to discover it. This is when he might use the help of coach to assist him in his travel.
Coaching is a very individual process, adapted to the rhythm of each client; however it usually takes no more than few months.
What is career coaching?
Career coaching focuses on all aspects related with work and its importance in our lives.

Why does coaching work?
The coach does not give clients any advice or solutions. Instead she helps him to find his own answers and make the best decisions. This way, the client acts according to his own skills and capabilities, using his own solutions which usually work best for him.

What are the benefits?
Overall benefits of coaching:
For me the most important benefit is to learn to solve problems and to know how to achieve goals we set.
Apart from this, here is a list of benefits recognized for millions of people around the world:
• Improved management and interpersonal skills.
• Better relationship with co-workers.
• Increased self-awareness.
• Better goal setting.
• Increased confidence.
• Improved quality of life.
• Improved communication skills.
• Better health and physical condition.
• Improved family relationships.
• Learning how to identify and act on development needs.
• Better ability to see new perspectives.
• Develop greater adaptability to change.
• More of a life- work balance.
• Less stress.

Benefits for Organizations (Business coaching)
• Improved productivity, quality, customer service and shareholder value.
• Ability to obtain greater employee engagement and more job satisfaction.
• Demonstrate to employees that the organization is committed to developing their staff and helping them improve their skills.
• Helping employees who have been promoted to cope with new responsibilities.
• Helping employees resolve personal issues that might affect the performance of their work.

Remember, your time is priceless. What you will learn through the coaching will help you achieve a work-life balance and establish real goals that will take you where you want to go.

The methodology: how is the process?
Before starting the process, we will clarify doubts about the coaching and establish ways of working together such as the nature of the process and the frequency of sessions. Then we will follow the DREAM Career Caching program. The coaching itself includes various techniques such as mind mapping, NLP, Marshall Rosenberg method, visualization and relaxation.
Who is it for?
Coaching is a fast and effective method for all people who want to achieve a career change (to find a new job, find a dream job, start a new business or improve upon his current position) and are willing to take the time and accept the responsibility.

How long is the process?
On average, the process consists of 6 - 12 sessions. Each session ranges from 50 to 90 minutes and is hold once a week.

How I can I pay it?
In cash, by bank transfer or via PayPal .

I first learned about coaching while attending a Silva course at the age of thirteen.
Due to my deep interest in psychology, later on I took up studies in this field at the University of Gdansk (Poland).
After graduation, I furthered my career at human resources departments in Barcelona, (where I gained practical skills in the field while analyzing different kinds of personalities, their goals and possible ways of reaching them. Apart from my regular position, I also took up internships at a center for immigrants, so as to make my work experience as a coach more versatile and therefore – effective). 
I hold a masters degree in coaching, issued by the Instituto Europeo de Coaching (Certified by ASESCO-Spanish Coaching Association) and a professional degree/certificate in NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) awarded by the Institut Gestalt Barcelona.
If in doubt about coaching, feel free to contact me and I’ll be more than happy to attend you in your personal development

I´m an author ofa book: "Learning Happiness" ("Nauka szczęścia").
Ewa Nowinska

Mail: info@dream-career-coaching.com
Phone: +61 0448 023 708
Skype: ewka.now

Sydney, Australia